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In 1998, two Philadelphia messengers - Roland and Ellie; the "R" and "E" in the name - decided that the existing crop of messenger bags just wasn't good enough. What initially began as an attempt to simply make some additions to Roland's pre-made bag turned into a full-scale project, with both Ellie and Roland making bags for themselves from scratch. Thanks to the ever-present support of the Philadelphia messenger community, as well as love from messengers across the globe, this tiny project slowly turned into a full-time business.

Over 20 years later, the very same people who started R.E.Load are still running the company, making bags and all sorts of good stuff. Still doing things by hand, from scratch, from start to finish. It's been our philosophy this whole time, because we believe that nobody can beat the quality we produce ourselves. We'll never farm out our work overseas, so we'll never have to specify which things are made here in the United States. Everything is made here, by dedicated craftspeople committed to making the best bags in the world.

  • Roland

    Roland co-founded R.E.Load with Ellie way back in 1998. If you bought something in stock that was green, it's virtually a lock that Roland made it.

  • Ellie

    Ellie now lives in Portland, OR. When not developing products for R.E.Load, she is teaching others how to via KLUM HOUSE .

  • Gerik

    Gerik has been with R.E.Load since 2005.