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I've added items to My Cart but am unable to complete my purchase. What is going on?

Older versions of some web browsers, especially Microsoft Internet Explorer, do not correctly handle some standardized types of HTML and/or browser cookies, and therefore are not supported by our site. Since older browsers do not conform to Web standards, we cannot fully support all functions of the storefront for customers using these older web browsers. Attempts to re-code our store pages to work correctly with these older browsers could potentially break compatibility with current browsers.

Please contact us at (215) 625-2987 and we will send you a direct invoice through PayPal (you do not need a PayPal account to pay, just a credit card), or you can pay over the phone using a credit card.

How long will my order take?
This depends on what you get! Bags from the "In the Shop" section are usually already made, and will usually will ship the next business day. The exception to this is some of the bags that are clearly marked with one-week turnaround, these are things we try to keep in stock but may be momentarily out. "Made to Order" bags are normally on a 4 week production schedule, but can be rushed to two or even one week for an extra charge. Items in the "Accessories" section ship within 5 business days. Actual shipping times may vary, as we use different carriers depending on location, value, and size of the order.

How do I go about getting a bag with graphics on it? How much is it?
Since we do all of our graphics by hand, graphics must be quoted on a case-by-case basis. We unfortunately have no way to tell you how much it will be before we take a look at what you are asking for. So, the best thing to do is either stop by the shop with a sketch/drawing, or email us a jpg of what you are thinking about. It's best if you can get it as close to the final iteration as possible, but it's ok if you just initially submit what you have at the time. In most cases, we will have to go back and forth with a few questions and emails before we can really pin down pricing. If you are interested, we can send you Photoshop files that are sized for each specific model so that you can do your own layout. All graphics quotes are based on an estimate of how long the work will actually take.

I'm interested in having you guys make something completely different than what is currently on your site. Can you make it?
This is a commonly asked question, and unfortunately, a lot of the time, the answer is no. We encourage you to ask - it never hurts to ask! - but custom projects are often beyond the scope of what we can do. The reason is simple: making new products usually requires various stages of design, prototyping, and final production. In some cases, this can represent several days of work. Taking one of our three veteran stitchers off of normal production to work on a one-off bag just doesn't make sense for us, unless we are going to be compensated for the time lost. Most likely you aren't planning to pay a mint for your specially-designed-from-scratch bag, and there's just no way we can make it for you for anywhere near the cost of our regular bags.


How are the dimensions for your bags taken?
The simple answer is that the dimensions for all of our bags are taken along the BASE of the bag, corner to corner. For Messenger models, height is taken from the bottom corner to the top lip of the body. We treat the bag as a "full box" of sorts. The actual width of an empty bag - when measured across the flap - is going to be bigger than the indicated dimensions, due to the fact that the sides of the bag will compress when the bag is flattened out. For Midpacks, Flight Packs, Megapacks, Rucksacks, and C-Series models, height is taken from the bottom to the shoulder strap attachment point. This is why we also include the "max capacity" volume measurements along with general measurements. Please feel free to inquire about any other specific measurements you may need!

How do I know which shoulder to get my bag made for?
Most people are, by default, "left shoulder" bag wearers. This means that for a single strap bag, the strap will rest on your left shoulder and come across your chest, slanting down to your right hip. If you wear your bag the opposite way, you are "right shoulder". If you're not sure, you should throw a shoulder bag on real quick without thinking about it, and take note of which way you naturally put the bag on. Usually it will feel REALLY strange to try and wear a bag the opposite of your natural preference.


Are your bags weatherproof?
Yes! R.E.Load bags are weatherproof with the exception of the Rucksacks and the C-Series which are highly water-resistant.

What's the difference between "weatherproof" and "highly water resistant"?
"Weatherproof" is really what most people mean when they ask if a bag is "waterproof". We just can't say "waterproof", because you can't submerge our bags in a body water and expect the contents to stay dry. That's what dry bags exist for. However - assuming you have properly closed the bag - you CAN expect to use our "weatherproof" bags all day long, in rain, sleet, and snow, and find your contents dry. This is what messenger bags and packs exist for, it's why we started making bags in the first place, and it's the bar we continue to hold our standards up to for daily work bags. If, when it starts pouring, you are going to continue to stay outside for a long period of time, you need a weatherproof bag. If, when it starts pouring, you are generally going to be looking for shelter, then you will be fine with a "highly water-resistant" bag. For the Rucksack and C-Series bags, we use the very same weatherproof materials as our other bags, but we do not tape the seams in the same way as our weatherproof bags. They're still much, much better against the elements than most of the "regular" bags that most people use, and will keep your stuff dry long enough for you to get out of the rain.

What's the difference between XR17 and Vinyl lining?
For a long time, we - like most companies that make messenger bags - used vinyl-coated nylon almost exclusively to line our bags. It's a great, durable material that does its job well. However, we've been making bags for quite a long time, and much like in many other industries, we've seen technology make big strides towards improving on old materials and methods. Our new XR17 liners offer the same level of weatherproofing as our old vinyl liners, but do so at a lighter overall weight, and with greater flexibility (read: comfort). We strongly believe it is superior to our old liner for use in our Small and Medium sizes. However, on Large and EX models, the old school vinyl can help to give a more "structured" feel to the bag, and lead to overall better performance. On the Flight Pack EX, we actually combine these two materials, utilizing vinyl throughout the body for structure, with XR17 in the roll top area for flexibility.

How can I decide between the different types of straps available for single strap bags?
This is a tough question, as it's pretty much based on personal preference. However, the first thing you should ask yourself is: "Am I going to be wearing this bag cinched up tightly around my body, or am I going to be letting it hang a bit loosely?". If its the latter, you're probably best off eliminating the 215 Strap, as it is made with static shoulder padding that is really only effective when the bag is sitting high and tight. If the bag is down near your waist, the pad won't be in the right place anyway. So, we would recommend our Classic strap if you are riding a bike and need to adjust it a lot, or our Casual strap if you don't see yourself adjusting the strap much at all. Either one of these can be augmented with our accessory shoulder pad if you feel like you need a more plush experience. Some people still prefer the versatility of our Classic strap. However, it is admittedly less intuitive that the 215 Strap, and generally requires a break-in period that will last around a week or two (depending on how much action the strap sees daily). To help with the decision, we strongly recommend checking out the how-to videos posted up on our YouTube page: www.youtube.com/user/reloadbaggage.

How do I use the strap?
At this point, we have three different types of strap systems for our single strap bags. We've made video how-to's for all of these, which you can find on our YouTube page: www.youtube.com/user/reloadbaggage.

Can I get a bag made with metal Cobra buckles for EVERY buckle?
The short answer is: Yes, you can. However, although we do love the 2" Cobra buckles, we're not convinced that the 1" versions are the best thing for the rest of the bag. Please email us if you'd like our explanation why. If you're still dead set on going all-in on Cobra's, we will happily make your bag with your preferred hardware.

Which Cobra buckle do you recommend for Messengers?
This may be surprising, but we actually recommend the polymer Cobra GT over the Aluminum Cobra buckle. The reasons are simple: The action (ease of tightening and loosening the webbing) is much, much easier and smoother on the polymer version. This is due to a larger height of the webbing slots in the buckle. Additionally, the quick release function requires less work to use. Finally - although it's rare - we have had some complaints about corrosion on the metal version, and the GT buckle is half the price. So, unless you are dead set on metal, we strongly feel you are better off with the polymer Cobra GT.

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