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R.E.Load bags and accessories have always had a reputation for being some of the most durable products available anywhere. As a small company that makes everything by hand, in-house, we have maintained that reputation by constantly looking to source new and unique materials and hardware for our bags.

Here, you'll find four different areas to help you build and customize your own bags and accessories. We have a variety of FEATURES you can add to organize your bag, as well as reflective options for nighttime safety. We offer several tough MATERIALS, to make your bag both colorful and long-lasting. And speaking of colors, you can now design your bag with our COLOR PICKER, which features all of our available colors for everything from the flap of your bag to the thread. You'll get a good feel for what your bag will look like when it's finished. Now, how's that for customizing?

Did you know we can also add a personalized graphic to your bag? We've been expertly stitching appliqué GRAPHICS to bags for over fifteen years, and we happen to be very, very good at it. Take a look.

  • Features

    Add one or more of these features to your made-to-order bag! Choose from an assortment of colors too! See our Color Picker for available colors.

  • Materials

    Everything you wanted to know about the materials we use to make our custom, durable bags.

  • Color Picker
    Color Picker

    Build your bag right in front of your eyes. Choose your model, colors, pockets, and more.