Braaap Pack Bottle Holster
Braaap Pack Bottle Holster

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Modern bikes are awesome, but one of the things that has been lost in the world of curvy, sculpted tubes and rear shocks is the old standard of multiple water bottle mounts. We often find ourselves in a position where we don't necessarily need the added bulk of a full-on hydration pack, but wish we could carry an extra bottle. This bottle holder attachment allows that with our Braaap Packs! Slide in your bike water bottle (fits standard bottles up to 750ml), and pull the shock cord over the top of the nipple to secure it in place.

No tools or alterations are necessary to add this bottle holster to your existing Braaap Pack! You don't even have to remove the waist strap buckles! Simply unthread the wing webbing on the side of the Pack, slide the rear loop of the holster onto the waist strap as far as possible, and thread the wing and wing webbing through the small front loop on the holder. Thread the webbing back through the wing tension adjuster, and you're set!

* Please keep in mind: This holster is more of a "I need to carry a second bottle for when the bottle on my bike runs out" kind of thing, and less of a "constantly pulling a bottle in and out of it during a ride" thing. If this is your only bottle and/or you are looking for a system with lightning fast insertion and removal, this may not be the thing for you. In our normal usage, we carry a second bottle with this, and when the bottle on the bike runs out, we switch them up and carry the empty in the holster

As with most of our products, these are made as orders come in. Please allow about a week for us to get it made for you!

: $15.00