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Everything you wanted to know about the materials we use to make our custom, durable bags.

  • 1000D Cordura®
    1000D Cordura®

    1000D Cordura® is an amazingly durable and versatile material, available in tons of colors (see our Color Picker for available colors).

  • Ballistic Nylon
    Ballistic Nylon

    Ballistic Nylon is the toughest material we offer! Available in black only.

  • Camouflage Fabrics
    Camouflage Fabrics

    Our camo prints span a range of heavy duty synthetics specifically designed to endure the elements.

  • Lightweight Weatherproof Fabric
    Weatherproof Liner

    We worked with our U.S. supplier to come up with an amazingly resilient and durable weatherproof material for the lining (inside) of our bags. Our recommended option across the board for all bags.

  • Velcro

    Our Velcro® hook and loop comes in a stupefying array of colors.

  • Trim

    Durable nylon trim protects the edges of our bags and accessories. Available in too many colors.

  • Thread

    We use Tex-70 bonded nylon thread for all of our bags and accessories. Also available in a HUGE range of colors.