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Add one or more of these features to your made-to-order bag! Choose from an assortment of colors too! See our Color Picker for available colors.

  • classic strap
    Classic Strap  detail^

    Our classic strap setup features nice, thick webbing, with both edges covered with trim for comfort and ease of adjustment. Nickel-plated hardware allows for off-the-hip adjustment. This is the default strap for all of our single strap bags, and although these days most people opt for the upgrade to our newer, padded 215 strap, old-school types still appreciate the incredible versatility of our original strap.

  • walking strap
    Walking Strap  detail^

    For those that choose to wear their bags loosely around the body or just off of one shoulder, the walking strap is a nice, simple, and soft alternative to our more technical straps. Features supple seat belt webbing and easy slide adjustment.

  • 215 strap
    215 Strap  detail^

    The 215 Strap system features an integrated shoulder pad that incorporates adjustment at the center of the chest via a 2-inch nickel plated buckle. D-rings on the buckle facilitate easy tightening/loosening of the strap. This is by far our most popular strap option, due to the overall durability of the metal hardware. The 215 strap is an upgrade available for all single strap bags.

  • buckles
    Buckles  detail^

    For messenger bags with 215 straps, we offer the standard buckle in red and silver. For quick-release options we have Austrialpin's highly acclaimed Cobra buckles, in both original black aluminum, and polymer GT versions.
    **For a more detailed argument in favor of the GT click here,

  • shoulder orientation
    Shoulder Orientation  detail^

    When you choose to Build Your Own Messenger, you can select either left or right shoulder orientation. Bags from the "In the Shop" section are left shoulder unless otherwise indicated.

  • waist sternum strap
    Waist/Sternum Strap  detail^

    Also known as an "anti-sway strap". This runs from the bottom corner of the bag up to a sliding quick release clip on the main strap, and will eliminate any side-to-side movement of the bag while it's on your back. Can also just be run straight across the waist to add support for heavy loads, or even in triple duty as an extender strap to carry oversized cargo. Waist / sternum strap comes standard on all single strap bags.

  • Single & Double Outside Pockets
    Single & Double Outside Pockets  detail^

    Choose either one large or two smaller, three-inch deep bellows-style pockets that span the front of the bag. Pockets and flaps are lined and weatherproof. These are optional for single strap bags.

  • Strap Keeper Buckles
    Strap Keeper Buckles  detail^

    Most of the time, the heavyweight Velcro® on the flap will be enough to keep your bag closed, so you can just keep your flap closure straps buckled up in these instead of letting them hang down below the bag. These are included on every bag in our lineup. By the way, all of our plastic hardware is made by YKK® or National Molding®.

  • Side Pockets
    Side Pockets  detail^

    Available for all Midpacks, Flight Packs, and Megapacks. Two side pockets, with mesh drainage. Great for bottles, U-locks, and other small cargo.

  • Handle
    Handle  detail^

    A webbing handle at the top of the bag. We also run 2" wide webbing across the length of the bag to help the top keep shape when the handle is being used. The handle is optional for Messenger bags and comes standard on all of our Midpacks, Flight Packs, and Megapacks models.

  • Double Layer Base
    Double Layer Base  detail^

    The bottom of the bag usually takes the most abuse, so it makes sense to add reinforcement there. We include this for every single bag that comes off of a R.E.load sewing machine; stitching an extra layer of material to the base of the bag so you won't have to worry. Choose from either Codura® or extra-tough Ballistic Nylon material.

  • Base Compression Straps
    Base Compression Straps  detail^

    These run across the base of the bag and allow you to easily adjust the depth of the bottom of the bag by pulling on d-rings. Standard on our X-Large Messenger, Midpack EX, Flight Pack EX, and Megapack.

  • Brightline
    Brightline™  detail^

    This accent adds a subtle reflective line to the base seam of your bag. In daylight it looks like a simple silver contour and at night it will reflect a sharp line of light.

  • Blinky Light Loop
    Blinky Light Loop  detail^

    This little loop of webbing provides a spot right near the bottom of the bag for you to clip on most blinking safety lights for those night rides.

  • Internal Organizer Pocket
    Internal Organizer Pocket  detail^

    Sitting on the inside front wall, the internal organizer features subdivisions for smaller items, velcro® closure, and multiple pen slots. The size of your organizer pocket will scale with the overall size of your bag.

  • Tri-Pocket
    Tri-Pocket  detail^

    Available on both our single and double strap bags, this feature gives you a set of 3 open pockets on the front internal face of the bag.

  • Divider
    Divider  detail^

    The divider is a fabric panel that splits the inside of the bag in half lengthwise. Below you can see the divider, which has trimmed edges (red in this case) on the top and bottom. Attached at the bottom as well as the two side seams of the bag, it can be easily pushed to the back wall of the bag to eliminate any loss of volume should you not need it at any particular time. The divider is an available option for all Messenger models.

  • Rear Internal Pocket
    Rear Internal Pocket  detail^

    The rear inside pocket spans the entire width of the back inside wall of the bag, and features full-length Velcro® closure. Great for storing laptops! Available on all models of bags

  • Outside Pocket Organizer
    Outside Pocket Organizer  detail^

    Adds a divider with pen slots inside the outside pocket. Available for Midpacks, Flight Packs, and Megapacks, it's standard on Deluxe models.